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Penny Guides are inspired by author and military historian Penelope (Penny) Burton, a historian who dedicated years to researching and reaching out to veterans and their families to preserve their stories within her acclaimed publications and lectures. Her areas of interest focus on the artillery, Waterloo, and the First and Second World Wars. She grew up in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire and tiring of pork pies went to seek adventure abroad, working in Italy, Germany and Holland before returning to the United Kingdom. These countries have shaped her research, including the development of a rich collection of recordings and first-hand testimonials, now being interpreted within the immersive, interactive Penny Guides so easily accessed on your mobile phone.  Anyone with a mobile phone can make the most of the ability to plan, experience and retain a unique souvenir of their visit to Europe’s battlefield sites.  

Always Up to Date

The research continues. Penny Guides are an evolving resource, developing with the contributions of a growing network of historians who go out to all the sites and battlefields and research them personally. Maintained by our mobile multimedia specialists, the most up to date features are delivered every time you access your Penny Guide from your mobile phone, and the ability to pursue your interest beyond your trip, even plan your next trip.

  • Walking or driving itineraries

  • Full historical background

  • Information points

  • Interactive maps 

  • Original documents from the era

  • 360 photos & videos 

  • Eye witness recordings 

  • 'before you go' information and tips

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