Over the week of the 17th to 25th of September 1944, operation MARKET GARDEN was put into action.


The two pronged combined air and ground attack was building on the success at Normandy and was designed to liberate the Dutch cities near the border, eliminate V2 rocket launch sites that were posing a threat and importantly secure a foothold over the Rhine. The airborne part of the operation was conducted by the First Allied Airborne Army, whilst the land operation was undertaken by XXX Corps of the British Second Army. The aim was for the airborne troop to take a series of nine bridges, with land forces following up to secure them. The operation succeeded in liberating the cities of Eindhoven and Nijmegen, and creating a 60 mile salient into German territory, but failed over all in its aim to secure a foothold over the Rhine - it was as we know, a bridge too far. 


With the Penny Guides battlefield guide to Arnhem, you can take in the key sites in the operation, follow in the footsteps of the airborne and land troops, and experience it through their eyes with audio visual clips to enhance your experience. Go round the drop zones for the paratroopers and the towns of Oosterbeek and Arnhem which became battlefields. 

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